The Comparator Mirror at West Buckland School

The comparator mirror is a painting aid which has already allowed Tim Jenison to reproduce a technically accurate Vermeer copy with no previous training as a painter. (See 'Tim's Vermeer')


Since 2014 Tomas has been researching its usefulness as a teaching aid as part of two year residency at West Buckland school, Devon, England.


This work has been undertaken with the kind permission and encouragement of Tim Jenison. 


Click here for a comprehensive account of Tomas's initial research.



Scarlet's Rembrandt





In this video Scarlet uses the comparator mirror to copy Rembrandt’s 'Woman Bathing in a Stream' with Tomas as her guide.


Certainly in technical terms this is the most ambitious project undertaken at West Buckland to date but it is also significant because it demonstrates the kind of understanding which can be achieved when the mirror is combined with an intelligent teaching strategy.





TedX Talk
Tomas's contribution to the TedX event held in Bedford in 2013.
If nothing else this video sheds light on the set of circumstance which provoked him to hide his life savings inside a public gallery attracting global press attention and a few new visitors.



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